Marine conservation group takes the plunge

A new marine conservation group launched yesterday at Kingscliff with its first positive action being the release of a rehabilitated turtle that almost choked to death on plastic bags a few months ago.

The Marine Action Conservation Society (MACS) is the brainchild of local environmentalists Tim Jack Adams, Michael Manley and Tim Bowling.

‘As an action group, we’re not just going to be talking about environmental issues; MACS’s aim is to coordinate a series of ongoing programs that actually do something to resolve the problems,’ said spokesperson Tim Jack Adams, who operates the Watersports Guru shop at Kingscliff.

‘Essentially, we’ll be developing a range of coastal and marine-based environment projects under the broad categories of Conservation, Activism, Research, Education and Sustainability (CARES).

‘Each area will be coordinated by a project leader who will call for volunteer eco-rangers from the community to help carry out the various initiatives.

‘There are so many people on the Tweed coast who are concerned about our marine environment but can’t see how they – as individuals – can make a difference.

‘Our motto is that every person counts: Through the various MACS projects we can provide an avenue for those individuals to join with other concerned citizens and participate in activities right here in their own backyard.’

The MACS team are also keen to make it a family affair by introducing a junior eco-rangers program where younger members can earn badges for activities such as tree planting, coastal cleanups, marine encounter workshops and so on.

For more information on MACS projects, go to or visit MacsCares on Facebook.

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